Sarah (Savatsky) Miller
Born 8/19/1900 in Russia RU
Died 4/21/1975

When Sarah Savatsky was born in 1901 in Russia, her father, Abraham, was 33, and her mother, Libbie, was 32. She had two children with her husband, George Miller, Audrey and Francine, and one other child (married more than once?). She had seven brothers and eight sisters.
Siblings: Sam Savitsky 1885–
Mac Saratsky 1885–
Joe Savitsky 1887–
Rose Savitsky 1890–
Tillie Savitsky 1892–
Max Savatsky 1895–1954
Abe Savitsky 1896–
Nettie Savitsky 1898–
Francis Savitsky 1900–
Sarah Savatsky Miller 1901–1971
Jennie (Savatsky) Glass 1902–1986
Hymie Savitsky 1906–
Esther (Savatsky) Frank 1906–
Louis Savitsky 1908–
Anna (Savatsky) Rudoi 1909–1988
Two daughters: Audrey and Francine
Burial Location
George Miller
Born 4/21/1900 in Russia RU
Died 11/27/1951 in Syracuse, NY
Abraham Savatsky
Libbie (Zablonsky) Savatsky